Videos from the game

In this video you will learn how to get to the Little Rio district. Fishing here is easier when you use luck potion.

Following video will guide you through tournament. I highly recommend you to watch this video to find out how it is going in tournament.

This video shows you how it is going on in colourful world of Fishao and you find here many useful hints. Do not hesitate and watch this! It will guide you through whole game and you find out how to play Fishao more effective.

Many of you ask how to catch Gold Arowana which is necessary to unlock Sibiri City. Here is successful try. It was caught on warm. I wish you good luck!

I was fishing Arowanas again. This time I was trying to catch Black Arowana. But I caught three Gold Arowana instead of Black Arowana in few minutes.

Do you know where is the biggest chance to catch fish? No? Watch this video and you will learn more about great places for fishing!

I decided to reach higher level, so I rationally went to trout farm and started fishing there because it is best way to reach next level. I caught Tiger Fish there and I got over 10 000 experience points.

Have you drawn enough information to become the best fisherman of all time? Play Fishao!

What does Fishao offer?

Colorful environment with lots of tasks

More than 600 species of fish

Interesting mini games

Lots of baits, rods, and fishing gear

Lots of different unlockable areas

Ability to meet new friends

Competitions in tournaments

Breeding new fish

Edit the appearance of the character

Purchase of new equipment