Do you need help or just a small hint? You can find answers to all your questions here. These answers will be very useful for at the beginning as well as at the advanced stage of the game.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Little Rio district?

Eight players must be leaning on the rock in Rio Tropical at the same time to enter the cave. Entry stays opened for few minutes and then it closes again. To leave area follow previous instructions.

How do I get to Lost Valley district?

New district Lost Valley is available from level 125! Here is unique manual:

Go to Marshville a talk to Steve who gives you small parcel for Mave.

Now go to Seagull Harbor and find Mave to which you give parcel from Steve.

Go to Marshville and talk to Steve again.

Catch any five or four-star fish. Doesn’t matter where you catch it.

Go to Aquayama to Chinese Wall as it shows picture below and keep going to the left. Now you can enter tunnel and get to Lost Valley!

Lost Valley I

How do I earn free coins?

Look for hints and tips here!

What am I supposed to do in the game?

You should catch fish and complete quests from goldfish and character on the left.

How do I move in the game?

Walk by using arrow controls or by mouse.

How do I catch fish?

At first you have to stand towards the water and fishing rod must be hanging above the water. Then you choose place where you throw the bait by mouse. Now you are waiting till the fish is caught.

When is the fish marked opened?

Every day except Sunday.

Where is Herb today?

You can find him here.

How do I get recommendation and how does it work?

When someone uses your recommendation link to registration you get 100 fishbucks for every level higher than 15 he reaches. Recommendation is place in your profile. You have got your own link which you can send your friends. If they register via your link you get fishbucks.

How can I catch fish behind the fence in Thombani Town?

Teamwork! There are two planks on the ground. Players have to stand on these two planks to access water.

How do I catch Gold Arowana?

You catch it in pyramid in Mystic Dessert which you can enter free only for 5 minutes a day. Watch video below!

I am being bothered by someone what should I do?

Best way to solve this problem is to report him or her. Get on his/ her profile and click on REPORT

I forgot my password how can I recover it?

Click on:

How do I reach next level?

By fishing and completing quests.

How do I reach next level quicker?

If you have enough fishcoins, buy experience booster. You can choose x2 or x4. As their names suggest you get two times or four times more experience points.

If you don’t have enough fishcoins I recommend you according to your level:

All levels: If you have friend who has a lot of 3-5 star fish in his/her garden try to catch fish there.

Low a medium levels: : Fishing on trout farm is very effective way. Use dough as bait because it is for free in bakery. You can use bamboo rod, but fish can grow over one meter. However, two 5-star fish which you can only catch on bamboo rod are available here

Medium and high levels: Rent a boat in Seagull Harbor, use luck potion and fish as a bait. By this way you could possibly catch plenty of 5-star fish a and reach many levels.

How do I unlock more maps?

Reach higher levels to unlock more maps.

Why I can’t join tournaments?

You must be level 5 to join tournament.

How can I communicate with people around me?

Press enter to chat with fishermen.

Who is Vasiliy and where can I find him?

He is a trader in Cool Mountain. You can sell him useless thing from your inventory.

How does fishing line work?

Size of fish you are able to catch is affected by strength and durability of rod and fishing line. Let me show you short example:

Rod: 200cm

Fishing line: 80cm

(200 + 80) / 2 = 140 cm

In this case you are able to catch fish of size 140 cm.

How does tree behind my house work?

This produces fishcoin and fishbucks every 24 hours. Higher the tree is more coins and bucks it produces. It is located behind your house in Rio Tropical.

I can’t find all bones for my daily quest.

Fish bones are nearby water. Walk on shore and you will find them all.

Why did I get banned?

There are many possible reasons. Click here to see all of them.

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