Are you interesting in getting free fishcoins? Learn more about it in this article. It tells you about opening manual, Bob’s minigame, sailor Herb, granny, tournaments, tree behind your house and Lucky Raft district.

How to earn free fishcoins?

Let’s start from the beginning. In the first place you should complete all stages of tutorial to earn 10 fishcoins. Here are useful hints:

Bob’s minigame

Make sure visited Bob in Rio Tropical. If you chat with him game starts. You can win up to 10 fishcoins, but this game is limited by time and you can play it only once a week.


This little sailor occurs in different district every day. He has fishing quest for you in which you should catch certain amount of fish. If you complete the quest you earn between two or four fishcoins.


Character which leads you through the game and may earn some fishcoin for completed quests from him. Try hard to make you granny proud of you!


There is the biggest chance to earn fishcoin in tournaments. Prizes are bigger when there are more players joined. Prizes are based on entry fee for all players (five fishcoins per player). Winner gets 35 %, player on second place gets 25% and player on third place get 15 % of total entry fee income. Let’s say that twenty players joined tournament that means prize for first place is 35 fishcoins.

Tree behind your house

This tree in Rio Tropical generates one fishcoin plus some fishbucks every 24 hours at level one. Amount of generated coins and bucks is based on level. For example: at level 20 you get incredible 6 fishcoins and 1000 fishbucks.

Lucky Raft

If you make a payment in game, Lucky Raft district with lucky wheel unlocks for you. There are many amazing prizes waiting for you. Even fishcoins. You get one free spin every day.

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