Money Tree

Fishao Money Tree

Every player has got coin tree behind his house in Rio Tropical. Since the first upgrade three starts to produce one fishcoin and 50 fishbucks every day. The table in this article tells you how many coins and fishbucks you can get for a certain improvement.

Fruits in Palm Island

Fishao Fruits in Palm Island

There are different kinds of fruits in Palm Island. Visit Jahni (character in turban) and make yourself an energy drink by mixing three different fruits, which gives you at least three extra energy points. Different variations give you different rewards. If you crush all fruits you will get Fruit Medal. There are 729 combinations of fruits you can put in Jahni’s blender and you will get reward for each of them.


Fishao Manual

Do you need help or just a small hint? You can find answers to all your questions here. These answers will be very useful for at the beginning as well as at the advanced stage of the game.


Fishao Coins

Are you interesting in getting free fishcoins? Learn more about it in this article. It tells you about opening manual, Bob’s minigame, sailor Herb, granny, tournaments, tree behind your house and Lucky Raft district.


Fishao Ban

In this article are mention reasons to be banned and how long does it last. These penalties are related to every player. Be polite, do not bother anyone and do not try to cheat!