Online game Fishao

Are you courageous enough to challenge experienced fishermen in the world of FISHAO? Try to catch over 600 species of fishes. You can find them in 21 different surroundings, which are inspired by planet Earth. Modify your character, buy new equipment, get in touch with fishermen all around the world, help each other, get to know new friends, win the tournaments, equip your home, try to breed new fishes. Show everyone you are the best fisherman in the world of Fishao where plenty of opportunities are waiting for you!

Become the most successful fisherman in Fishao. Choose a proper bait and fishing rod is just enough in this colourful word. You can find very useful tutorial here. Your granny will be by your side all the time and you can get a plenty of rewards from him as well as from Herb. This game offers you huge community of fishermen so do not waste your time and play FISHAO!

Join Fishao's color community today! All you have to do is sign up for free. Then you just have to choose the right bait and choose your rod and go fishing! Play Online game Fishao!

Games like Goodgame Empire, Travian, Forge of Empires are old-fashioned nowadays. Many of you used to be farmer, zookeeper or warrior but have you ever had lovely little lake house? Try it on your own right now!

Control is very simple. Just walk to shore using the arrow controls, stand towards the lake and by mouse control choose an area where you throw the bait.

Do you know where to find Herb or where fish occur and how to catch them? Do you need information about fishcoin? You can find everything on this website.


Hints and tips for beginners

Try to find Herb he will give you a quest. If you complete it, you get interesting reward. Herb’s actual position you can see here.

Useful information and hints about several species of fish you can find here.

Find Bob in Rio Tropical and play his minigame every week and win up to 10 coins.

Do not forget visiting tree behind your house in Rio Tropical where fishcoins and fishbucks are growing.

You must make a payment in game if you want to unlock Lucky Raft district. It allows you to visit area where the lucky wheel with daily wins is located.

If you want to catch bigger fish, you need to upgrade you fishing line. Because upgraded fishing rod is useless without strong fishing line.

Do not waste with your fishcoins you will find them useful later.

Your chance to collect shell is much greater when you play on the server with very few players.


Important locations

Fish market is located on Pinheira Beach.

Shells can be sold to lady in Cool Mountain.

Your house and friends‘ houses are situated in Rio Tropical.

Bob is waitnig for you in Rio Tropical with his minigame.

Dough is avaible in bakery in Laketown.

Trout farm is also situated in Laketown.